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Best cars and trucking is a Website for those wanting Help or needing Advice about their Cars & Trucks. It’s got some funny stories in it, I’m not making fun at those & saying there thick, it’s just that they don’t know because they haven’t been told or shown.

I intend to regularly make updates & cover Topics of interest.

I have put a link towards the bottom which takes you to the U.S. Government site on the Regulations you will need to follow before doing any modifications to any vehicle you intend to modify. It covers just about everything from the ground up & the varying laws between States.

If any modifications are done & don’t stay in their guide lines the Law & Insurance Companies will do you like a dinner!

I’m a Mechanic by Trade although I’m out of the game now (only because there’s not enough Money in it) I’ve owned & operated my own Garage & have checked many a car & knocked them back for their Road-worthiness not only for Mechanical defects but because of basically stupid modifications people try to get away with.

Most of my page contents on this site will be to try & help those that want to know about their vehicles whether it be from the biggest of Semi down to the smallest of bestcars, motorbikes, etc. People just aren’t familiar enough with their cars & the simple fundamentals of general maintenance. I had one fellow in his 40’s come into the Garage to pump up the tire on his Daughters pushbike with her standing alongside of him, he proceeded to & actually blew the tire to smithereens’ simply because he didn’t know Tyre Pressures & how much air to put in the tire! You could only imagine how that could have turned out.


Do you know? That’s what made me think of this site, I’ve even covered how to Read a Tire which all tires have a maximum inflation written on the wall of the tire. The biggest issue over the years I’ve found wrong with cars is there Tires so I’ve covered them from many an angle. Have you heard of Car Donation? Its ok, I hadn’t & being in the game should have! So I’ve covered a bit on that. I remember rebuilding a motor once & telling the person to check the oil & water in it the following day & finding out after doing so he couldn’t see any oil in the motor when he took the cap off so went about filling the motor with oil, that car was never the same, for those that don’t know the engine has a dip stick so look for this & when removed has markings way down near the bottom of the stick with a serrated area for the oil level. Towing! Have you ever towed a Trailer before? I’ve had a Family come in towing a 30ft Caravan behind a small 4 cylinder car with the tow-bar literally ripped out from under the car. So I’ve got a section on Trailer Towing. So enjoy Best cars and trucking, if I haven’t covered something you want to know, send me an email & I’ll try & help.

Federal Regulations for Motor vehicles in the U.S.

This is only the beginning!

From the Publishers Desk

Kimley Franks

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